Protecting Media Independence w. Special Guest Michael Krasny

Rep. Jared Huffman
1 min readDec 8, 2017

Welcome back to this week’s episode of “Off the Cuff w. Rep. Huffman.”

My guest this week is no stranger to the media world or this new climate for journalism, having worked in broadcasting for over 40 years. Michael Krasny is the award-winning host of KQED’s Forum and is one of California’s best-known interviewers, journalists, and media commentators. He has hosted several acclaimed radio and television shows and has even been called “a Bay Area treasure” by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Each weekday, you can tune into the Forum to hear Michael interview guests on a variety of topics covering current events and the news of the day.

At a time when we have such a vast diversity of news sources readily available at the touch of a finger, and when social media continues to reflect and affect the national conversation, my conversation with Michael touched on a wide range of relevant issues, from the impact of social media on journalism, to my bill to prevent the corporate consolidation of local news stations such as Sinclair Media’s in Eureka, to the impact of President Trump’s rhetoric on the political world and our country’s history. Michael and I had a real and open discussion about the state of our country and the media, and how it may look going forward.

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