Huffman Statement on Advancing Biden’s Agenda for the American People

“Last night, House Democrats and the President delivered important progress for the American people. On building the infrastructure of the 21st century, after “infrastructure week” had become a running joke under the previous administration, we sent the largest-ever investment in American infrastructure to the President’s desk with a strong bipartisan vote. It includes not only roads, bridges and transit, but also critical investments in broadband, zero-emission vehicles, EV charging infrastructure, and modernization of our power grid which is essential for fire resiliency and to accelerate the transition to clean energy. All of this will result in thousands of well-paying jobs in the months and years ahead,” Rep. Huffman said.

“But even more important was our step forward on delivering the larger part of President Biden’s agenda, the Build Back Better Act. This transformative legislation will create even more jobs by ensuring universal childcare and pre-k education, building affordable housing, expanding access to healthcare, and making bold investments in clean energy and carbon pollution reduction to preserve a livable planet.

“My fellow progressives worked throughout the day to secure key assurances: a unanimous Democratic rule vote, plus a written agreement backed by the President that holdouts in the Blue Dog caucus would vote to support the bill in its current form in 10 days. That is how we won final passage of the infrastructure bill and got the President’s agenda unstuck.

“Much has been said about a lack of trust among members of Congress right now. There is some truth to that, but the broader truth is this: no Congress has ever tried to do so much (because we must) with such razor-thin majorities. That is why the process has been slower and messier than any of us would like. But last night’s votes and agreements are a breakthrough — a foundation for finishing this critical work and delivering transformative results for the American people. We are now counting on our House colleagues to honor the spirit and letter of the deal; and we trust the President to deliver the 51 votes needed to expeditiously pass the Build Back Better Act in the Senate.

“We will get this done, and it will make a tremendous positive difference for the people of this country and the livability of our planet.”




Congressman for California's North Coast. On Facebook at

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Rep. Jared Huffman

Rep. Jared Huffman

Congressman for California's North Coast. On Facebook at

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